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Innovative Workplace Management

We provide technological solutions aiming to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of facilities & property management.


Appgrade: Empowering Space with Our Modular Platform

From landlords to facility managers, tenants, and end-users, we’ve got you all covered.  We’re here to help you achieve operational efficiencies, safer & more sustainable work environments, drive user experience and hybrid solutions.

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1. Asset Management

Professional module for work plans, task management, resources management and equipment.

2. Operational Services

Innovative patented ticketing App, providing effective communication between organization’s employees and service providers.

3. Community Marketplace

We provide you the ability to define different communities, access a variety of services such as transportation services, parking lots, food & beverage services, restaurants, and location of suppliers.


100% Compliance


Up to 35% Cost Reduction


30% Service Improvement


We’d Love to Be Your Proptech Consultant! 

As many of you know, we’ve been active members of the IFM community for over 30 years, and this is where our passion for technology originated. 

Throughout our years of operation in this field, we opted to invest our resources in our talented teams and developed advanced and individualized technological solutions in customer service and operations.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer base, including some of the largest leading organizations in the world. Whether it’s regarding a new project, brainstorming, collaboration opportunities, general consultation, or anything else – let’s connect.

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We are changing the rules of the game. Learn more about how properties are managed worldwide today.

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