Innovative Workplace Management App

We provide technological solutions aiming to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of facilities & property management.


Our solution consists of 3 main modules that provide a great service experience to different customers, operational efficiency and substantial costs and resource savings. All this is achieved while maintaining the value of the property and meeting high standards in the field!

Patented Invention

Innovative ticketing App, based on mobile solutions, providing effective communication between organization’s employees and service providers.

MMM app allows operational maximization, automatically connecting end users and relevant service providers in the shortest

This module provides fast communication,  substantial organizational costs savings and resources , while ensuring an enhanced and smooth customer experience.

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Professional module for resources management, task management, work plans, and equipment.
Any task can be created in a fast and simple way including daily/weekly/annual work plans and many others. WPM also provides the ability to fully manage and control contract agreements leading to operational efficiency and long terms cost savings. With WPM you can manage your assets, proactive and preventive maintenance, real estate leasing agreements, EHS activities and work plans, employee training, warranties, license validity, and many more.

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CMP provides our customers and partners the opportunity to be involved and make an impact!
With CMP you can manage your organization’s information and knowledge. CMP module provides you the ability to define different communities, access a variety of services such as transportation services, parking lots, food & beverage services, restaurants, location of suppliers, etc. This solution acts as a platform for the management and operation of organization central customer service centers.  

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Diverse Enterprise Customers


Managed Properties


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