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Accessibility Statement

Last update: June 15, 2020

Our company is working towards promoting accessibility, accompanied by the Israel Accessibility Association.

We view customers with disabilities as equal-rights customers who deserve to enjoy full accessibility to the company’s property and services.

Our goal is to allow each customer, with or without disabilities, to receive equal and accessible service.

This section of the site is intended to inform you on how you can enjoy the company’s accessibility arrangements.

Accessibility Arrangements

The accessibility arrangements for the building in which the ServicesApp office is based.

  • Reception and hosting via appointments scheduled in advance only, please 077-7000750 or email

  • Address: Medinat Ha-Yehudim 89, Herzliya Pituach, Building E, 3rd floor.

  • Entrance to the building with a service animal is permitted.

  • Entrance to the building with a mobility scooter is permitted.

  • Handicapped parking is available at the Business Park underground parking lot- paid parking.

  • Handicapped parking for tall vehicles is available on the group floor. Handicapped parking for standard vehicles is available on -1.

  • Access to the building- the building is accessible without obstacles (entrance is available via Medinat Ha-Yehudim St. through the main lobby, or via the parking lot elevators).

  • Handicapped restrooms are available on each floor.

  • Hallways and pathways are regulated and wide for wheelchair accommodation.   

  • Directional signage is available.

Website Accessibility


An accessible website allows people with disabilities as well as the elderly to surf the site on the same level of efficiency and enjoyment as all other users. Around 20-25 percent of the population struggles with using the internet, and could benefit from more accessible content (based on a survey conducted by Microsoft in 2003). ServicesApp believes in and works towards equal opportunities in the web sphere for people with diverse disabilities and/or those who use technological aids with their computer.

The Accessible Site Label


The “Accessible Site Label” is an initiative by the Israel Accessibility Association and the Israeli Web Union. The label is added to websites which received the modifications needed to transform them into accessible sites for people with disabilities. The goal is to increase public awareness of internet accessibility, and to provide users with information regarding the site’s accessibility.

Website Accessibility


This website adheres to the statutory requirements of equal rights for people with disabilities (accommodation of service accessibility, 2013). It also matches the recommendation by the Israeli Standard (5568) for accessible internet content in the AA format and the recommendations of the WCAG2.0 document by the W3C organization. In addition, the site is adjusted to fit the format for widely used browsers as well as mobile phones.

Changes made


This website has undergone strict modifications which include, among others- semantic and informative utilization of supportive technology, navigation and activation with the help of a keyboard alone, color modifications, and the addition of auxiliary labels and instruction manuals for the benefit of all users. In addition, for the purpose of providing the best possible audible screen reading experience, we recommend using the most updated version of the NVDA software.

Website updates and ongoing work


It’s important to mention that despite our extensive efforts to make the entire website accessible, attached documents such as PDF, Word, Excel, and video files are still in the process of becoming accessible, and we’re currently working towards fully accommodating this. In the event that you need to view a document attached on the site and it isn’t accessible, please contact us with a link to the document, and we will be sure to assist you with it as soon as possible. If you’ve come across an inaccessible page on the site, please contact us on the subject as well.

Contact Us


If you encounter an accessibility issue during your website surfing experience, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with the issue to the best of our ability.

Person of contact for accessibility issues:
Smadar Baruch-Keidar
P: 052-9281126

This information is dynamic and is subject to change.

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