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About Us

As part of our vision, at SERVICESSAPP we constantly strive for transparency, diversity, women empowerment, accessibility, social responsibility, and sustainability.

Michal and Boaz Keidar are renowned entrepreneurs who founded Michlol Solutions LTD in 1999 and organically grew it into Israel's leading Facility Management company.


In 2010, ServicesApp was established as part of Michlol group to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of facility and property management for our customers, using an innovative technological platform.

Today, with tens of diverse enterprise customers, over 1M managed SQM, and more than 30K users, ServicesApp is leading an innovative approach to Facility Management. Our services and products include an extensive solution for work plan management, technical operations, field services, safety plans and surveys, asset management, lease contract management, vendor control, customer satisfaction assessments, data analysis, and reporting capabilities.

ServicesApp connects to various APIs and serves as a front end for a wide array of solutions and systems, including parking management and smart building systems, various ERP systems, energy control, shuttle services, and more.

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Boaz Keidar photo

Boaz Keidar

CEO, Co-Founder

Boaz Keidar is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in Facilities Management, in various advanced, smart working spaces and environments.
The establishment of ServicesApp was a natural next step aimed at further enhancing the innovative capabilities of Michlol Group.
 Boaz serves as a Facility Management expert focusing on innovation, and a strong partnership with our customers considering their current and future needs.

Michal Keidar photo

Michal Keidar


Michal Keidar is an entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in Service and Operations.
 She brings versatile managerial experience and an innovative approach to customer service. Michal proudly promotes the empowerment of women at work and beyond.
Michal has also served as Michlol Solutions Ltd CEO for over 20 years, ensuring successful collaboration with leading organizations in Israel and worldwide.

Vered Fridman photo

Vered Friedman


Vered Friedman has 20 years of experience in complex CRM projects, in innovative technological environments. Throughout her career, Vered has been leading unique and complex technological projects with multinational organizations. Vered is responsible for product management, technical evaluations, resources, customers’ interface, and the integration of the development process and customer needs, ensuring execution of the company’s technological vision.

Omri Barzilai photo

Omri Barzilai


Omri Barzilai has over 15 years of experience in financial management and budgets. Omri serves as CFO of Michlol Group which includes Michlol Solutions Ltd and Michlol Services Application Ltd. Omri brings to Michlol Group extensive experience and capabilities in managing and implementing financial and control systems, organizational processes, data analysis, and close collaboration with multinational companies from various industries.

Smadar Baruch photo

Smadar Baruch


Smadar Baruch-Keidar has over 25 years of experience and knowledge in management and operations. Smadar brings to Michlol Group extensive and diverse managerial capabilities with large-scale complex systems, autonomous units - resources management, projects, human resources, and integrative planning. Smadar’s enhanced approach and vision bring added value to the effectiveness of operational systems and continuous improvements for the benefit of our customers.

Keren Dolev photo

Keren Dolev


Keren Dolev holds 15 years of experience in the R&D world. She’s an expert consultant on MS-CRM and the construction of architectural services. Keren is responsible for QA, data privacy and security, access, and interfaces to various technological environments. Keren’s approach promotes fruitful collaboration, sharing of information and knowledge amongst development teams, fostering continuous improvement of our products and technological capabilities.

Yaniv Αrditi photo

Yaniv Arditi


Yaniv Arditi has over 15 years of experience in IT projects through various roles, ranging from code writing to project management and leadership of development teams, to solution architecture at Microsoft. Specializing in Microsoft platforms, Yaniv brings extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of Microsoft Power Platform elements and Azure services which are leveraged for designing robust, secured applications. In his role, Yaniv owns the planning and maintenance of the architectural design of an ever-changing and quickly growing application, while using innovative technology to tackle complex challenges.


We view our customers & suppliers as partners. The key to our success is transparently collaborating with all of our partners.

We provide services to global companies, R&D centers, pharma companies, real estate companies, and leading startups.

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We are changing the rules of the game. Learn more about how properties are managed worldwide today.

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